Ceramic Coating in La Crosse, WI

Professional Service Is Best

Some tasks are better left to professionals, and the ceramic coating is one of them. Ceramic coating is a fabulous option. Done correctly, it has the potential to protect your vehicle from many potential paint hazards. However, if it’s done poorly, it’s not something that washes off. Improper ceramic coating, in fact, must be removed through a wet-sanding process. However, entrusting your automobile to the Coulee Auto Detailing Center experts in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is not a problem. We provide precise, accurate services that will leave your car’s finish looking great and well protected. You’ll find us nearby by Black River Beach at 1415 Rose Street La Crosee, WI 54603. You can make an appointment online or by phone at (608) 889-3258. You can also stop by Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM, because walk-ins are always welcome.

An Overview Of Ceramic Coating

We understand that you might have a few questions if you’re new to the ceramic coating process, and we’re glad to provide an overview. Unlike waxing, which lays down a coat of sealant on top of the paint and washes away over time, ceramic coating is actually a chemical bonding process. Also called nano-ceramic coating, the polymer product combines with your auto’s paint to form a resistant (hydrophobic) barrier. It shields the paint, yet it becomes a part of that finish so that it doesn’t wash off like some other products. Ceramic coating has multiple advantages. Its glass-like shine fends off harmful UV sun rays and greatly reduces the risk of scratching. It also helps your vehicle stay cleaner. If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask us. We’re happy to answer them.

Ceramic Coating Services With Ease

The team at Coulee Auto Detailing Center wants to help you protect your automobile and preserve its value. To facilitate that, we’ll take care of the ceramic coating application and provide the additional services you’ll need to make getting this auto detailing service simple. For example, we offer the option of waiting on site with free wifi or leaving your vehicle here while getting electronic (text or email) notifications. When you do this, you can catch a local shuttle ride, use our concierge service, take advantage of after-hours drop-off/pick-up, or even drive a loaner car in some cases. Financing is also available, so be sure to check out our page for more details. With all these conveniences at your fingertips, stop imagining an improvement to your car’s finish and have us make that a reality for you.

Coulee Auto Core Values

Coulee Auto is a full-service sales and service dealership. We are committed to delivering 5-star service, and work hard to earn the trust of every customer. Our professional used car sales staff will personally assist you throughout the car buying process to find the car of your dreams. Our service advisors are friendly, knowledgeable, and help prioritize the service you need. Our professional mechanics are highly trained and skilled to perform inspections diagnostics, and quality repairs and maintenance. Our detail shop will help you keep your car looking new and provide you with rust protection for years to come. Our entire staff works hard to provide an exceptional customer experience.






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