Paint Correction in La Crosse, WI

Beautiful And Valuable

If you’ve begun noticing that your vehicle’s appearance isn’t what it once was, you might find the decline in its finish concerning. After all, you likely want an automobile that’s both beautiful and holds its value to the extent possible over time. The professional auto detailers at Coulee Auto Detailing Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, can help you do that with paint correction services. We’re local, so you’ll find us near where you live, work, or do other business at 1415 Rose Street La Crosee, WI 54603 adjacent to Black River Beach. We’re here to serve you Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM. Schedule your appointment using our handy online tool or by telephoning us at (608) 889-3258.

What Paint Correction Can Do

While paint correction isn’t for everything (i.e., crash damage and severely peeling paint), you’ll be amazed at all the things it can accomplish for your automobile. When you see swirls in your once-lovely paint, there may be several underlying causes. Your last wax job–aimed at protecting the vehicle may be the culprit. Those unplanned circles may appear on your car’s finish if it was buffed improperly or with an inappropriate mechanical buffer pad. Other causes can be using towels made from polyester fibers, covering your vehicle when it or the car cover is not clean, or using soiled linens (chamois, vehicle duster, etc.). Furthermore, washing can lead to this issue. Nasty wash mitts, poor rinsing, and the brushes of automated drive-in car washes can produce swirling in the finish. Paint correction can put an end to that unwanted paint pattern. In addition, this process can remove surface-level scratches, eliminating their appearance when they don’t extend too deeply into the finish. Over time, microscopic dirt particles, excess/aged wax, and sometimes rubbing compound (if it has been used) can make a clouded or hazy appearance over your vehicle’s clear finish. Paint correction can remove this, restoring a beautiful luster to your transportation. Regardless of the imperfection that’s detracting from your auto’s appearance, consult with us to see if your car could benefit from our paint correction process.

Paint Correction Made Simple

Coulee Auto Detailing Center was founded on the beliefs that automotive services should be friendly and fair. Moreover, we’ve always held ourselves accountable for performing the best quality work and giving great customer service. You may opt to wait here and use our free wifi because turnaround times are typically fast. However, you can leave your auto and let us keep you posted via electronic status updates (emails, texts). We offer after-hours drop-off/pick-up, concierge service, complimentary local shuttle, and loaner cars for work that will take longer. If the work you’ve requested warrants it, financing choices are available, too. Thus, there’s no better time to take care of blemishes and add value and visual appeal to your transportation.

Coulee Auto Core Values

Coulee Auto is a full-service sales and service dealership. We are committed to delivering 5-star service, and work hard to earn the trust of every customer. Our professional used car sales staff will personally assist you throughout the car buying process to find the car of your dreams. Our service advisors are friendly, knowledgeable, and help prioritize the service you need. Our professional mechanics are highly trained and skilled to perform inspections diagnostics, and quality repairs and maintenance. Our detail shop will help you keep your car looking new and provide you with rust protection for years to come. Our entire staff works hard to provide an exceptional customer experience.






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